Popularity of Cannabis

The popularity of marijuana is all time very high due to the pushing of government law and its policies. After the survey report 60% support for cannabis comes from Americans. That is the highest percentage of support to cannabis since 47 years. Due to this reason Social media play its role to stop the promotion and also to stop who support the cannabis.

War on Drugs

American government were not make it legalization but cannabis was first started through the Marihuana Tax Act in 1937. The law which was targeted by the workers of Latino and black workers. But the government of USA totally deny and the Medically also opposed by the USA government. The effort which have been done by USA was very slow in 1970s when Mr. Richard announced a “war on drugs” and implement the law to lock in cells those who use these drugs like cannabis. Here few of the people of America support to make legal it in USA.

Supporters of Weeds

In 1973 Oregon becomes the first state who declared that the small of weeds of cannabis were allowed. But in 1996 California the state of USA makes it legal through Medical point of view. After this Oregon also make it legalized that the weeds of cannabis are legal for everyone both of these states were likely support each other.

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Polling About drugs

At that time the polling report also tells us that approximately 55 cities support and make the business of cannabis and can operate in their jurisdictions. It is very bold and quite impressive for everyone who don’t want to make it legalized in their states or countries.

But here is point of view to note that the states or countries which prohibited will not take any type of tax or share from the sale of marijuana which was around $45 million dollars.

Import and Export

Nationwide who support cannabis all time make it legal in their cities. They start to grown of cannabis weeds and sold these weeds in their borders and start the business of import and export of cannabis as well as other type of drugs. And now the drugs and specially cannabis big sellers are black people and Latino’s and the percentage will increase day by day. It is very big question mark for us that why the government and medical science is quite, when they will take any action about it?