From 1937 the Cannabis was not banned in USA. But the drugs had no medical certificate to use in medicine.

Marijuana In Medical Field

After that the medical researchers starts to collect the information and advantages of cannabis through medical point of view. After getting the information about cannabis, today the medical research have undisputed proof that cannabis are use for many diseases.

Popularity of Cannabis, It Is Just Like Weeds

From 2015 the government approve the Cannabis are use for the Chronic pain and many other diseases at high risk. The persons who are addict of cannabis only treat by cannabis no other medicine use for these persons.

Treatment of Blindness

Glaucoma is very leading disease of blindness in USA. Due to this disease OPTIC NERVE damages your nerves related to brain. Medical specialist decides that due to cannabis these type of diseases resolve. After that they approve cannabis are use in medicines.

Certified the Cannabis

Cannabis weeds specially use for the muscle pain and the government of USA allow selling in certified clinics or medical stores in 15 countries outside the USA. If the pure cannabis use for these patients it will reduce the distress patients and improved the quality of sleep.


Most of the people argue and angry upon this decision of government by itself. Their opinion that due to use drugs is not good for human body and health. It gives very bad side effects and many disadvantages.


After all of this discussion the government makes the cannabis legalize and approve that these types of drugs are use for medication purpose. Due to this the government will responsible that these type drugs only be delivering to certified stores.

Some Disadvantages of Cannabis

But earning of heavy amount people starts to sell cannabis outside the stores and also made some point where the people get these types of drugs easily. This is only the mismanagement of government because the government is not taking any action about the drugs. I have only one question here that if one thing which is use to save one’s life then why the same thing is use to destroy the life of ones.